Artist Michael Brun Plans ‘Wherever I Go’ Beach Party to Benefit Haiti’s Audio Institute

Michael Brun

Earlier this year, DJ/producer Michael Brun released the single “Wherever I Go” to benefit the Haitian nonprofit organization Artists for Peace and Justice. He doubled down on that commitment this week by announcing the “Wherever I Go” Beach Party to support scholarships for the class of 2017 at the Audio Institute in Jacmel, Haiti.

This is Brun’s way of giving back; a visit to the Audio Institute helped inspire “Wherever I Go” in the first place, and students from the school are featured in the song’s music video.

“The message of this event is to show that the students were able to create a career for themselves through education and working together,” Brun noted in a statement. “Through the success of the song, we were able to host this festival, which will be funding future generations of students and artists in the country. I want people to see this not as charity, but as a way to empower these students to create livelihoods through hard work.”

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SOURCE: Billboard – Elias Leight