Christine Ainer Offers Biblically-Based Principles for Redeeming and Restoring the Black Family

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It does not take long to see that the black community is in trouble. At the root of the black community is not just the black church or social justice organizations or civil rights activists, but the black family. For years, the black family has been plagued with a variety of issues — fathers abandoning their children, out of wedlock pregnancies, lack of education, severe unemployment, and gun violence and crime. In a few words, the black family has lost its way. However, there is a solution for the problems that exist within the black community and the black family. That solution is found in the Word of God which Christine Ainer details plainly and powerfully in her book, The Black Redemptive. The Black Redemptive is an attempt to restore the black family through biblical principles of love, peace, healing, and surrender to God’s will and God’s Word. Ainer discusses how important it is for those who find themselves in a cycle of guilt, anger, and depression to have faith in God and rely on His direction and guidance. The truth of the Bible is opened in a new and fresh way to restore, redeem, and reconnect the black family to its purpose and potential, and empowers families to make a positive difference in the world. Ainer offers a constructive and responsible handbook to point the black family in the right direction for a life and a future of productivity.

Opportunity for reflection, discussion, review, and self-examination is provided after each chapter.

Christine Ainer was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama as the oldest of twelve children. She witnessed a large degree of oppression and depression in her community and in her family. This gave her great determination to break the cycle. She persevered through high school and was the first in her family to go to college. She earned a Bachelors of Arts degree from California State University Dominquez Hills, a Masters of Divinity from Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, and a Doctorate of Ministry from Southwest Bible College and Seminary.

Right after graduating from high school, she married her high school sweetheart who she has been married to for 48 years. She is co-founder and co-pastor of Evangequip Missions Bible Fellowship Church, where she has counseled abused and neglected women and children for over 20 years.

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