Leading Haitians’ Response to Fidel Castro’s Death

Friday, on the Cuban National Television, Raul Castro announced “The Commander-in-Chief of the Cuban Revolution passed away at 11:29 tonight…”

According to Raul Castro, the body of his brother Fidel Castro, will be cremated Saturday in the early hours of the morning “in accordance with the will expressed by Comrade Fidel”.

Reactions following the death of the Father of the Cuban Revolution:

Jocelerme Privert :
President Jocelerme Privert presents his sympathies to the Cuban people on the occasion of the death of Fidel Castro, who died on Friday 25 November. The Head of State salutes the memory and the journey of Fidel Castro and reiterates the solidarity of the Haitian people to the Cuban people.

Deputy Gary Bodeau :
“A great tribute to the father of the Cuban revolution, Fidel Castro. Our condolences to his family and to the Cuban people. RIP el comandante ! The symbol of the freedom of peoples has been extinguished. FIDEL joins the pantheon of revolutionaries alongside Toussaint and Louverture.”

Former Prime Minister Laurent Lamot :
“RIP FIDEL!! nunca nos olvidaremos de ti…Gracias por amar a Haiti, hoy el mundo perdió un símbolo de resistencia y de lucha contra la desigualdad. QUE VIVA FIDEL !”

Michaëlle Jean :
“I offer my most sincere condolences to the Cuban people following the death of Fidel Castro, a figure that has marked our history.”

Moïse Jean-Charles :
« Se fue un grande. Murió Fidel. ¡ Viva Cuba ! ¡ Viva América Latina ! »

Jovenel Moïse :
“I salute the departure of Fidel Castro, a great man who fascinates the story of his son, a friend solidarity with the Haitian people.”

Michel Martelly :
“I greet the departure of a great man, Fidel Castro. History will forever remember him. Sympathy and solidarity with the Cuban brother people.”

SOURCE: Haiti Libre