Martelly: Our Flag Is Our Dignity


The town of Arcahaie hosts this Monday, May 18 the celebration of the 212th anniversary of the creation of the Haitian flag in the presence of the Head of State, Michel Martelly accompanied by the First Lady, Sophia Martelly, the Prime Minister, Paul Evans, Ministers, Secretaries of State, Directors General and members of the diplomatic corps.

The ceremony began with the rise of our two-tone, floral offerings at the feet of statues of Jean Jacques Dessalines and Catherine Flon, followed by a minute’s silence.

In his speech to the Nation President Martelly declared :

Excerpts from the speech of President Martelly :

Haitian people,

On May 18, 1803 in the locality of the Marotte in Archaie, Catherine Flon sewed with the thread of her hair, the blue and red bands of the first Haitian flag. A sovereign Nation capable of forming its own destiny, had been equipped with its banner.

If during the past four years, my message around the celebration of 18 May, has always focused on calls for the unity of all the son of this land, it is because through this original two-tone, the sacred union of all the children of Haiti was finally sealed and wanted to be the only condition that can provide to our Nation, paths of hope and a destiny to the ambitions of our ancestors.

Engaged in the final stretch of my presidential term, it seems more judicious to me to take advantage of the Flag day to bring the Haitian people to reflect and meditate on these missed appointments of history, those lost years and that future ruined in the division, to encourage us to go beyond our immediate and personal concern, to launch us in an assault called to delivering Haiti from the constraints that oppresses it, in worthy son and daughter of the valiant forgers of our independence.

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Source: Haiti Libre