On the Passing Away of Former Justice Minister Louis Gary Lissade


Monday, former Minister of Justice and Public Security under Presidents Boniface Alexandre and Jean Bertrand Aristide, Me Louis Gary Lissade died in a hospital in Miami following a long illness.

“It is with dismay that I learned the passing of the former Minister of Justice and Public Security, Me Louis Gary Lissade I deplore the loss,” declared Me Camille Edouard Jr. Minister of Justice and Public Security.

“A mapou has fallen ! Rest in peace Gary !” declared Me Michel Brunache.

The Bar of Port-au-Prince decreed from Tuesday 10 May, three days of mourning. According to the barrister Stanley Gaston the disappearance of this illustrious lawyer is a huge loss for the legal fraternity and announced that the Order intended to organize activities to honor the memory of the deceased, when the date of his funeral will be known.

Learn more about Me Louis Gary Lissade :
Me Louis Gary Lissade was born in Port-au-Prince on December 31, 1947. Law degree from the State University of Haiti in 1976 and a Master of Law from the University of San Diego, California he was admitted to the Bar of Port au Prince in 1977.

He was particularly barrister of lawyers of Port-au-Prince (1990-1994) and Minister of Justice and Public Security under the administrations of Jean Bertrand Aristide and Boniface Alexandre. Me Lissade is the author of the book entitled “Recherche d’une législation Règlementant la distribution des médicaments en Haïti” and was elevated to the rank of Knight of the Bar of Port-au-Prince.

SOURCE: HaitiLibre