Pittsburgh Man Runs 230-Mile Marathon to Raise Money for Haiti

In the pre-dawn hours of Feb. 18, 22 runners take off from the northern tip of Haiti.

Only 10 would finish a grueling marathon that spans 230 miles in seven days. One of them is Matt Mauclair of Aspinwall. He says they ran to raise funds for families living in poverty, on an island resplendent with beauty.

“The real challenge was separating the emotional side from what we were doing at the moment. It turned out to be really tough. Tougher than we expected,” he said.

They pounded their way through a land which has weathered an unceasing string of hurricanes and earthquakes. Yet villagers greeted the runners with joy.

“It’s an energetic country,” the runner says. “The passion for life is there. And each person we met, most of them had a smile, and were relatively grateful that we were there.”

He says the runners took one day off to meet residents of a tiny village.

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SOURCE: CBS Local Pittsburgh, Dave Crawley