Sixth Annual ‘Hearts for Haiti’ Fundraiser In Sedalia, Missouri, Builds Futures for Children

The sixth annual Hearts for Haiti fundraiser will continue to help support the Strong Tower Orphanage in Caracol, Haiti, home to 18 children.

Support for Strong Tower is a joint ongoing effort of several churches in the Sedalia community. The annual dinner and auction brings many in the community together to add to this support.

Strong Tower President Lorie Holt said members recently returned from a mission trip March 3-12 to Caracol.

“There was an administrative team but there was also a team of men who helped expand the kitchen,” she said. “Now that there is reliable electricity, the kitchen can have an electric stove. The kitchen is a separate building … the guys just worked so hard together with Haitians. It’s always a project where they work together … they worked so hard, from sun up to sun down out there in that heat.”

Holt noted the orphanage houses 18 girls, but they have plans to eventually build a boys’ home.

“We hope to begin that in early 2018,” she added.

Strong Tower is also in the beginning stages of working with Water for the World.

“We’re excited to announce a new orphan prevention initiative,” Holt said. “We are partnering with Water for the World to bring clean water to Caracol.

“We had a mission go in November, and Dr. Chris Wilhelm, a pediatrician from Whiteman Air Force Base, he went with us. They saw over 250 kids in their clinic, he and a team of nurses. He said ‘Lorie almost everything that I saw was related to contaminated water.’”

This led them to start exploring ideas of bringing clean water to the orphanage and school.

“We are just on the very cusp with Water for the World,” she added. “We are waiting to hear back from them about the schedule of when that will begin.”

Water for the World will provide a portable water filtration system that can be used at the orphanage, the school or in the the village.

“It can all fit into a suitcase,” Holt said. “We are looking at some different facets of possibilities here, and our pastor (Payot) in Haiti is so excited for it.”

She added that the well water at Strong Tower Orphanage has tested as safe, but the well at the school is not safe.

“All the 450 children at the school are not drinking clean water and washing their hands in clean water,” Holt said. “One of the first things we want to do is use the system to provide clean water for the children at the school.”

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SOURCE:  Sedalia Democrat
Faith Bemiss