This is How Ignorant You Have to Be to Call Haiti a ‘S***hole’

The president had no respect for Haiti. He could see as well as anyone following the news that the country was a basket case — racked by political unrest, filthy, incapable of handling its own affairs. There was no doubt his opinion of the black republic was informed by his blatant racism, which included praising members of the Ku Klux Klan. He had criticized his predecessors’ foreign wars while running for office. But in the White House, he realized he was willing to flex the country’s muscles abroad, as long as the mission fit his motto: “America first.”

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Haitian-American Author Writes Children’s Book About the Haitian Revolution

BOOK COVERHaitiheFirstBlackRepublicThe issue of self discovery — specifically, when searching for your cultural connection to the world at large — is one reason that Frantz Derenoncourt, Jr. decided to become an author with his freshman book Haiti: The First Black Republic, which is inspired by the true events of the Haitian Revolution (1804). “I think it is vital,” he stated, “to learn as much about our ancestors in this modern world because the school system does not teach our history accurately or completely.”

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