UN Inaugurates Water Supply System in Haiti as Part of Anti-Cholera Fight

The United Nations has inaugurated a water supply system in the Lascahobas Commune as part of its anti-cholera fight in Haiti.

On Monday, the top United Nations humanitarian official in Haiti said all efforts to ensure the provision of safe water and sanitation are “crucial to eliminate cholera” in the French-speaking Caribbean country.

Residents fill containers at a water capture and distribution project point in a town an hour outside of Port au Prince.

“Elimination of cholera can be achieved in the medium term – two or three years – if emphasis is placed on immediate action,” said El-Mostafa Benlamlih, the Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General and UN Humanitarian Coordinator for Haiti.

“That is to say, an emphasis [must be] put on response capacity, management and immediate treatment of water,” he added. “But nothing can be done without an investment in water, sanitation and hygiene.”

Historically, the UN said the people in the Madan Mak and Loncy areas of the Lascahobas Commune have always had serious problems with access to safe drinking water.

Situated in a mountainous region of Haiti’s Central Plateau, a few hundred kilometres from the capital Port-au-Prince, the two communities – up to just a few weeks ago – were among the 42 per cent of the country’s population still without access to safe drinking water in 2017, the UN said.

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SOURCE: Jamaica Observer